Infrastructure Services

Remote and Onsite IT services

24/7 Infrastructure Design for new environment

Infrastructure virtualization (Azure, AWS, VMware)

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (Hosted, In-house)

Infrastructure Monitoring and Patching

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Network Services

Remote and Onsite IT services 24/7

Network Design and Deployment Network Upgrade

Migrate Security Upgrade (Firewall, Layer3)

Wireless Design and Deployment

Multi-site VPN Design and Deployment

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Other Services

Help Desk Support

Email Support (Outlook, Mail, Webmail)

Hosted Email (Office 365)

Mobile Support (iOS, Android, Windows)

Print Support (HP, Dell, Xerox, Brother, etc…)

Office Move Support

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Backup Services

Remote and Onsite IT services 24/7

Disaster Recovery

Data Protections

In-house and Cloud Backup

Virtualized Backup Solution for SMB

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Whether it is your home, organization, or business, we understand that the effectiveness of your work is based on basic IT infrastructure. We provide the highest quality resources and labor to ensure your network, devices, and systems are up to date and working around the clock.

Not sure where to begin? Our trained and experienced professionals can assess all your technology needs and offer insights on how to use the service or system to the best of your abilities. Our services are vast and include everything from System virtualization, Disaster Recovery and Data Protection, Server Installation, Hosted Exchange, Microsoft Exchange Enterprise Messaging, Cloud computing, and Office 365.

Microsoft Exchange Enterprise Messaging: On-premise, Hosted (ABP Segregation) and Office 365 offerings, Cloud Computing, Server Virtualization with Hyper-V, VMware and Citrix.

We offer a full list of IT services for any type of business including:

  • Network System Installation (computers, server, printers)
  • Computer and Server Maintenance (hardware & software).
  • Network Applications Installation
  • System Design for new Businesses
  • Database Migration
  • Backup Configuration (Cloud backup, image backup, tape backup, file backup)

Call Us today at 818-431-5607 to see how we can help you respond to your customers needs and advancing to the new level.

Our full list of IT services are as follow:

  • Full IT Infrastructure design and Enterprise Network Documentation.
  • Microsoft Exchange Enterprise Messaging: On-premise, Hosted (ABP Segregation) and Office 365 offerings.
  • Server Virtualization with Hyper-V, VMware and Citrix.
  • Cloud Computing/Desktop virtualization/End User Computing/Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) using all offerings of Citrix XenDesktop/XenApp, VDI-In-A-Box, VMware View, Microsoft RDS/VDI including Multi-Tenant design and setup.
  • Citrix Netscaler ADC, Access Gateway, Application Firewall and Branch Repeater.
  • Profile Management solution and user migration using Appsense Environment, TriCerat and RES Software.
  • SQL Database server installation, maintenance and scalability.
  • Private Cloud Hosting using VMware, Hyper-V and Citrix based virtualization engines.
  • Public Cloud Hosting using AWS and Microsoft Azure.
  • Business Continuity and Fault Tolerance of business critical service.
  • Architect solutions for IT Services division on contracted projects and managed clients.
  • Sales engineering support and solution validation of proposed solutions.
  • Managed Service contracts and processes development team member.

Few Services as well

  • Interview committee member for potential candidates for IT Services division.
  • Directly report to client executive team and decision makers to coordinate IT operations, procedures and budgeting.
  • Assess technology trending and direct technological investment focus and staff education needs to adapt with current trend.
  • Conduct as technical lead on datacenter migration and redundancy projects for Cloud Hosting products.
  • Architect and implement VMware vSphere 5 utilizing High-Availability functionality and load distribution techniques to produce redundant, performance optimized infrastructures.
  • Analyze business and system requirements and construct disaster recovery solutions incorporating VMware Site Recovery Manager for critical production services.
  • Perform L3 support for VDI environments utilizing XenDesktop and View while minimizing downtime and meeting client SLA’s.
  • Coordinate, plan and execute migrations of physical and virtual systems including full datacenter relocations.
  • Implement enterprise application environments with Microsoft RDS for LAN/WAN access and NLB for load balancing.
  • Install Windows file services incorporating access through DFS namespace redundancy through replication.
  • Perform proof of concept and product orientation sessions to effectuate environment control to IT Administrators.
  • Execute pertinaciously in adhering to best practice guidelines for consistently successful solutions.